A Hippy Feel

I’m pretty sure living in a van is much more difficult than living in a spacious house. Everything must have its place and be put away immediately after use. Lets just say we aren’t quite there yet! Especially with the dog, and her wonderful constant shedding, it’s a bit of work to keep Walden clean and organized. But we’re working on it!

She behaves so well in the van!

Today I vacuumed the carpet because it was covered in dog hair and saw dust. To help with the dog hair we figured some rugs would be easier to shake out and wash. Fortunately, while mosseying around Big Lots, we came across these wonderful $5 rugs and I simply couldn’t help myself! They had the perfect hippy feel for people living in a van, and its finally great to get some color in the van!

Added a few other homie touches …

We also stocked up on some more battery-powered lights because we know those will be gone after the holidays! Only a few more weeks and so much more to get done! The solar panels will be mounted within the next few days and hopefully up on the roof! A few more things have to get installed and the electrical set up but it has to be done soon! Time is running out!

-Ay and Jay

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